With Tishman Speyer's long-standing presence in key markets throughout the world, our regional acquisitions and development specialists possess decades of hands-on experience, intimate local market knowledge and an extensive network of relationships with investment and real estate professionals, property owners and civic and community leaders. This depth of experience and expertise provides Tishman Speyer with a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments both on- and off-market.

Our teams specialize in sourcing the transactions where operational improvements and asset repositioning can add value. Our in-house real estate expertise enables us to determine an asset’s underlying value, often helping us identify and control investment opportunities before others, many times resulting in off-market transactions. Such knowledge and experience help to reduce investment risk and enable us to make advantageous and timely dispositions.

Tishman Speyer’s strong reputation as an operator and manager of premier real estate around the world provides an important advantage when a seller intends to remain a tenant in the property. In such circumstances, the quality of post-sale property management and tenant service is a key consideration for the seller—often topping even price as the deciding factor in selecting a buyer.

Tishman Speyer's in-house acquisitions and development professionals carefully manage each element of the due diligence process to increase the likelihood of the successful acquisition of an existing property or the development of a new property at an attractive price. The due diligence process includes:

• Analysis of the supply and demand dynamics in the selected market or submarket.
• Constant analysis of the macro- and microeconomic variables that can effect change in all major local markets around the world—such as changes in interest rates, strength of local economies, influx/flight of industries and companies into or out of submarkets and changes in local tax codes—that could yield strong investment opportunities for the company.
• A thorough review of the existing or proposed financial structure of the property.
• A detailed review of building expense and analysis of potential operating cost savings.
• Market validation of leasing assumptions and identification of prospective new tenants.
• In-house management and coordination of environmental consultants, legal counsel and tax experts and other professionals both within and outside of our organization.

Tishman Speyer's acquisitions and development expertise is reflected in many of the world's iconic properties, as well as throughout the company’s current portfolio of assets. Among our signature assets are New York’s Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Center in New York, Berlin’s Sony Center, Frankfurt’s MesseTurm, London’s Millbank Tower and São Paulo’s Torre Norte.