Guiding Principles | Firm | Tishman Speyer


Our history is a continuous pursuit of excellence.
These are the principles that guide us.

Our founding principles are the bedrock of our reputation and the root of our success over the past 43 years.

“What differentiated us from the beginning was our culture and principles. They’re the same culture and principles that guide us today.” — Rob Speyer

Our Guiding Principles

We are proud of our company's heritage and history of accomplishments: it defines who we are today and guides who we will be tomorrow.

We succeed because our people think more creatively, assess opportunities more astutely and act more quickly than others. Our people are our lifeblood.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, not the standards set by others.

We are in the business of creating extraordinary value for our investors, and recognize that our company's financial success is rooted in this single-minded pursuit.

We treat everyone with respect and civility. There is no place in our company for rudeness, arrogance or deceit.

While real estate is complicated, we believe that transparency, honesty and simplicity are the underpinnings of great business relationships.

We honor our agreements, whether they are formed in writing or in handshakes. A deal is a deal, always.

We conduct ourselves with the passion and integrity that is expected of great leaders.

As developers and operators, we take special pride in the distinctive quality, design and appearance of our buildings.

We perform at our best when each of us individually takes responsibility for identifying and solving problems, regardless of our role, region or title.

While we encourage individual initiative and accomplishment, our best results come when we work as a team.

We recruit exceptionally talented people who share our values and our way of thinking. We take each and every hiring decision seriously and ensure we are always hiring the best.

We are proud of our longstanding commitment to diversity, and our workforce today reflects the global communities and cultures in which we do business.

We embrace our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate around the world, and strive to make each of them a better place to live and work.

The actions of each and every one of us contribute to our company's reputation.